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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

For as long as I can remember my biggest passion has always been sports. Okay, maybe sports and music...okay, maybe sports, music and food...nevermind. Sports was always my escape, my safe haven, it was where I always felt most comfortable. If I wasn't playing sports, I was in my bedroom memorizing the stats on the back of my thousands of baseball cards or sitting with my father at the smoke-filled neighborhood breakfast spot on Sunday mornings, talking Giants football with grown men who had watched Jim Brown, Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas on the gridiron. And if you couldn't find me talking sports, you could safely assume I was out playing somewhere. Whether it was backyard football with my neighbors (and sister who was twice the athlete I was!), CYO basketball, or in the batter's box at my little league game doing my best Rickey Henderson impression (just look at that stance), being involved in and around sports has been what has always made me happiest, even to this day.

That brings me to today where I am thrilled to share with you a very new adventure that has been in the works for a while. Welcome to About Average Sports, my first foray into the blogosphere where I'll get to tackle all of the topics in the sports world that I'm passionate about. What can you expect? A little bit of everything! Certainly, the majority of the focus will be on the NFL, MLB, and the NBA with a particular bias to the NY market, but there will be other topical subjects as well. I am going into this with no rules or set parameters as this is something I am doing for myself and for you the reader! There will be new content weekly and as things hopefully expand, I'll be able to grow and incorporate new content on various platforms that you'll be interested in. This is just the beginning and if only three or four of you are interested in reading or sharing my thoughts, then that is enough for me.

Why About Average Sports? Way back in 2013 when I met my wife online, I joined a dating site where I had to go through the difficult process of choosing what "body type" I was. Imagine the horror. I wasn't "more to love" and definitely wasn't "athletic and toned" but about average sounded just right. Not perfect, but good enough. And when I thought about what I wanted in this space, I thought about all of the predicting, prognosticating, and overreacting we all do as fans. Many times we're right, many times we're wrong, but if we're honest with ourselves, at the end of the almost all of us are about average. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. So welcome to this adventure and please feel free to share any feedback you may have or topics you'd like to see covered. Please share with any friends or family who you think may be interested, would love to slowly grow this piece by piece. Welcome to sports at it's about average finest!

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